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Winter Coaching Programs

Winter Coaching is $80 for one-hour private lesson. 

If you would like to split the lesson with a friend, the cost is $50/person and each person will get a half hour lesson.  Lessons are available at The PGA Superstore in Minnetonka Monday-Friday with at least a day's notice.  If another facility is needed, any facility rental costs will be the responsibility of the student.



“I wish I would have started sooner!”

That is the most common statement I hear all summer long.  I see a lot of regret when someone struggles through the first couple months of the season only to find out that something pretty simple could have gotten them playing better golf much earlier in the season.  Also, those who want to make some bigger changes wish they would have done so prior to the season being in full swing.  Winter is also a great time to make a plan to improve on-course performance through strategy and performance training.  If there is anything I can do to help or if you would just like to talk about your plans for summer prior to the season, please give me a call at 763-267-7531.


High School Golf Season Countdown

If a member of your family or someone you know is interested in playing high school golf, practice usually starts the week of March 18th.  Lessons not only help players feel more confident going into the golf season, but they also help them perform better and give them things to focus on during indoor practice time (rather than just bashing balls).  I also help them address any stress or worry about going out for the team. I can’t stress enough the importance of a couple of lessons prior to the start of the season for junior golfers.


To schedule a lesson, call 763-267-7531 or e-mail