"Laura is the reason I enjoy golf today. In her lessons, after watching some swings she gets quickly to the point, explains simply and clearly the change(s) needed, and reinforces and refines the fixes as the lesson continues. I have learned that to enjoy golf as an older person, I need to be taking occasional lessons so that I can feel like I'm improving, not just getting frustrated. Laura has been a perfect instructor for my game, and I constantly use the changes she has suggested for more satisfying results." -Chris H.


"I have taken lessons from Laura for about a year now and have found her instruction benefited my golf game immediately. In the past I’ve had other Pros tear apart my swing to the point where it’s been difficult to enjoy playing. Laura encouraged me to spend quality time on the range to reinforce what she corrected in my swing. I found out on the course I could see the results and feel the improvements she suggested. She has also helped me address some mental blocks which have caused plenty of frustration. I have enjoyed my lessons with her immensely and also have my two sons taking lessons from her as well."  -Trish Johnson 


" 'Keep it simple' – I have recently taken lessons from Laura and the benefits were almost immediate (after some work on the range of course). Laura keeps it simple so a person can take her teachings and apply them without feeling overwhelmed with change. Will definitely take more lessons from her and highly recommend!"  -Tigh Surdez


“Laura brings an incredible amount of energy and passion to each lesson. Rule one for her is that golf is a game that none of us can perfect so enjoy the experience, enjoy those you are playing with, and enjoy the opportunity to improve course management. At the same time – though it seems initially at odds with the perpetual enthusiasm and humor – Laura brings a sense of calmness to an environment where frustration and disappointment can easily overcome success. That calmness translates directly to my first practice swing at the course through the last putt. I can’t say enough good things about her philosophy and teaching.” -William Hittler (student since 2009 and creator of the 4 F’s of Golf Success – Fun, Fearless, Focus, and Forgiveness)


"Fun" with a capital F is how I describe golf with Laura. I have played golf since I was able to stand on my own two feet and have during my career had several different golf coaches, and Laura was by far the most hilarious coach I've ever had. Not only was she able to make me have fun while practicing and playing but she also had me see my potential both on and off the golf course. Although she was coaching several girls at ones she was able to see each of our abilities and areas for improvement while working with us based on our own learning methods. Laura teaches in a way that helped me learn so that I could apply it on the course. If I had a bad shot I had an understanding of what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do differently. Although always super energetic and happy she was always the one person who could calm me down during a golf tournament and who could make me have fun out on the course even in rough times. Laura is a wonderful person and a great golf coach and I would recommend her to anyone who asks.”  -Johanna (Frykmark) Kitzman  (Augsburg Women’s Golf Team Member from Stockholm, Sweden)