People often enjoy the unique things I say - whether they are insightful or funny.  My family always chalked it up to "Laura Logic", but here are some things your might catch me saying during lessons or out on the course:


"The feel isn't real!  It's all relative to what you are used to doing."

"We are going to embrace weird.  Anything that is different will feel weird.  Figure out how it feels weird and do your best to make it feel weird every time.  And guess what, if it feels normal too soon you're probably not doing it."

"Driving is front, chipping is back, and everything else is somewhere in the middle.  And guess what, if you forget, put the ball in the middle of your feet because you won't be that far off."

"Let's have some fun with this, do it so extreme it's like you are making fun of me and what I've just told you to do."


Annette Laura-isms (stolen from my awesome coach Annette Thompson)

"It's not how, it's how many."

"When you are on the course, play golf...not golf swing."